Founders’ Story

Growing up in a family of strong, working women, I’ve had the opportunity of witnessing first-hand, the daily hustle routine that comes with diverse professions. My mother is a tutor, and my sister has been working in MNCs since the beginning of her career. My sister always asked me to accompany her on her shopping sprees, not just for my fashion sense, but also because my years in the textile industry gave me an eye for quality. She had always managed to pick out casual wear easily but somehow struggled with formal wear. Sometimes due to the fit, and other times due to the quality or the price. This struggle increased in the recent past, owing to her increasing work responsibilities and a lack of time to shop. She found herself having to visit multiple brand outlets in search of perfect formal wear outfits for her wardrobe. I was unable to resolve this for her, as I was clueless about where else she could go to shop for formal wear for women.

Owing to a running apparel business that caters to schools and colleges, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with students of a similar yet younger age group, on the brink of their careers. They were prepping for interviews, looking to make that unforgettable first impression. This transitional phase in their lives often necessitates a substantial amount of shopping, particularly for formal wear. However, it is not just about leaving a lasting first impression, but also about starting a new phase of life, and the excitement it brings. During my interaction with a few friends who'd landed jobs, they shared their shopping struggles. They had to hop between malls and local markets to find good Western formal wear for women. I asked them,” Why don’t you check out brands like Zara, M&S, or H&M?” They explained that some brands while renowned for quality are too expensive for individuals just embarking on their career journeys. Additionally, they voiced concerns about the fit and quality of the garments from the others. It hit me - even with so many options, women are still struggling to find the right formal wear outfits they want. Some are encountering a lack of good-quality affordable formal wear, while others get lost in the maze of visiting multiple brands to assemble even a single formal wear outfit.

Driven by this revelation, I decided to speak with many more people, and discovered that this wasn't just a one-time thing; It was a bigger struggle than I'd thought. But I needed a clear plan to make this idea a reality and get it out there for every woman to benefit. That's when I turned to my cousin, Nikhil. His expertise in marketing and brand strategy made him the perfect collaborator. We sat down to discuss and as I shared my vision for the brand, he saw the potential and resonated with the idea. In that conversation, the prospect of him joining as a co-founder emerged. With his extensive experience, he was the missing piece, that could provide the brand the direction it needed. He enthusiastically came on board and after two months of intense brainstorming, we successfully brought POSE into existence. Together, we set out to revolutionize the world of functional formal wear for women.


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